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A Warrior’s Epiphany

Balancing, I intent on keeping my toes on the ledge of the precipice
Knowing that if I lean too far either way I will pummel into the dark abyss

I am a walker between the worlds on the path of the ancient ones
As tension never seems to leave this vessel of bones as in pure emotions

I falter at every step, hesitating to go forward into the unknown
A future I can sense, but cannot see with my physical eyes to be shown

My inner child leaps with anticipation of an adventure to experience
My warrior spirit swallows back fear as every muscle in my body is tense

I approach a threshold of three doors through which I must pass
Trying hard to remember which I had gone through in a lifetime past

These portals I then move with kinetics into an inverted triangular shape
Lift my Athame with both hands I cut a forth door circular within the wake

Of blue fire in the center of the other portals of three
‘tis where the power dwells, as this feels correct to me

My inner voices go dead silent as I move forward to open
This last obstacle before I fall, and crawl and soar again

Many are the lessons learned behind me as they sometimes seem so small
Many are the lessons to teach once I cross over into the subconscious, enthralled

The spiral of the sacred serpent of ecstasy is beckoning for me
To join this symphonic equation, in operatic precision as I go free

Leaving behind the monkey minds of men in this a human race
Taking the path of mine own destiny not in their time and space.

I can never return to what I once called home
It matters not, as I have always been alone…

On this path that always will be
A Keltoi Warrior’s epiphany

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