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Isis ~ Unicorn of the Faery

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Isis ~ Unicorn of the Faery (g)
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The opalescent one watched over the one horned innocent creature
That echoed in the creation of the labyrinth traces of good intention.
She sauntered and weaved her way through the forest to the alter,
emerging at the edge of the meadow, to witness the transformation

of the metamorphosis between the mystic human and the blue dragon.
MoonChild longed to fulfill the prophesy of the Faery and embraced
the delight of the dance as DragonBlue spread her wings of illusion
with rainbows in prisms rising up like the phoenix from the interlaced

ashes in the desert of yesterdays, that dwindle in forgotten tomorrows.
Entranced at seeing these two creatures blending to become one,
The Unicorn felt her psyche touch briefly upon the languid sorrows
That MoonChild and DragonBlue had endured on separate horizons.

They would now battle together as one soul, with victory evident
In their common future, therefore allowing the magick to continue
In velvet communication to all creatures of earth that were resident
And in diversity all lived in harmony within the divine light of blue.

images (7).jpg
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