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Preface to Part IV The Meeting of Three


It's difficult to find a beginning to the story, for it began long before MoonChild and DragonBlue came to know each other spiritually, let alone on the physical plane. Their meeting and joining of souls, has been planned over many life times, in as many dimensions. This was no chance chaos, but a measured and focused plan, to bring these two spirits together, to battle onward, as one for reasons unbeknownst to them, other than the innate knowledge that it is meant to be, and that they must continue to seek, that which they can sense; yet cannot be seen.


Part IV - The Meeting of Three

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Chapter Thirteen - Starry Flight

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Ch 13 - Starry Flight
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As the Blue Dragon soared in flight
On a dark and starry night;

Sniffing the air.
On end ‘twas every hair!

Fear she smelled and sensed
as forward she commenced

Into the ancient castle by the sea...
Wondered if there the source would be?

As the bridge dropped down into a walkway
over the moat and in the wind began to sway;

It greeted and welcomed her
with a mysterious allure.

As she entered the forlorn halls
shivering from the shadows calls

Her Eyes locked with another’s upon contact!
Muscles tensed, she growled and reared back

In her warrior's stance,
choosing to lead this dance;

Of life and death - if ‘tis what it be
and that which she sensed was her enemy.

As the figure in the gloom became clear
kindness and compassion overcame her fear.

With a minute lift of her small delicate hand,
the human touched the nose of the Blue Dragon

And gave such a caress-
In this forbidden fortress!

Breaking this Blue Dragons heart,
as tears in mine eyes began to start--

This fearful creature I had found
had moved forward without a sound

and wrapped her arms about
this Dragons neck still crying aloud.

Despair and death had befallen
upon the castle keep came a'crawlin-

Taking servant and noble alike;
leaving only her to defend and fight.

To protect the treasures within
from those who pillaged to begin

Their own nightmare of reason;
Ignoring the sacred season.

Within cold walls as she had been jailed
with ghosts and Goddesses who there dwelt...

Until a dragon of the fairest blue
one that chanted and sang as she flew.

Would come upon and partake
of her tears and not forsake

her to walk along this path.
All who harm felt the wrath

of the elements of four;
Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

As the Blue Dragon
and the girl whose name
(unknown was to remain),

approached the crossroads of time.
Singing and chanting the Wyrd in rhyme!

Knowing together they would yet find
that which they sensed in heart and mind.

As they continued to seek
That which has yet, to be seen…


Chapter Fourteen - The Island in Mountains of Green

Ch 14 - Island in Mountains of Green
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Gliding through winds above mountains of green,
They came across an island in the Western Sea.
Sharp rocks on all sides; it was contained,
Invoking elemental guardians of ancient names.

Upon it was a fortress true--
A place they must stop to view.
Surrounding the castle grounds,
A circular stonewall they found.

There were two gates for entry,
North and South, no sentry.
Dragon Blue began to glide-
And fall freely as she went wide.

Descending upon the entrance-
to the Keeps towers of eminence;
with a pentacle displayed,
In silver on the first gate.

Sensing no danger-
They boldly entered.
Into what now appeared-
To be an upward sphere.

No guard stood to block-
their entry; nor was it locked.

Dragon Blue took scent of what was there;
And immediately became aware.
of the smell of Frankincense & Myrrh; freshly sired,
Gifts for them with intent and desire.

The air was crisp with a cackle of static,
Ears peeled-raising the hackles enigmatic.

Heard only was the wind to whisper--
Through the plains and trees of fir.
The scent of Austin pines--
filled their souls with wine.

There was no doubt--
That they were now,
Walking the path of the ancient ones--
‘Twas sacred to behold in unison.

Divine Love filled their hearts;
As in quiet awe they were a part,
of the natural energy--
That here-- ran freely.


Chapter Fifteen - The Outer Circle

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Ch 15 - The Outer Circle
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Within the outer circle
of the ancient castle,
there hung a heavy blue mist-
leaving dew with a wet kiss
on the leaves in circular wreaths.

A stone path before them lay
taking stride upon it they
came to a fork in this strange road.
Corridors of intricate mode
one sharply to the west;
winding toward the valley’s crest.
The other curved to the east
it's edges worn and creased,
pummeled down a hillside steep
the canyon; horrendously deep…

MoonChild voiced her thought to DragonBlue;
“Shall we split up?” The wind kicked up as if on cue.
“Nay, MoonChild of Gaea,” the dragon replied.
“We will follow the way of the Goddess, west side.
There be magick here, but none we need to fear...”

So west they traveled as the sun
Began it's decent on the horizon.


Chapter Sixteen - Gaea's Gift

Ch 16 - Gaea's Gift
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Their pathway was strangely laid;
For in places pebbles strayed.
Having been knocked loose,
From it’s mortars noose.

The trail in other fantastic sections,
Beautiful with imperfection,
Measuring from 3 to 9 feet across;
In patterns wove in Celtic knots.

In odd places; there were stepping stones.
Moistened soil; no foliage stood alone.
Nor did it grow over the steps,
That were manicured and well kept.

The road wound-
To spiral around-
The low hills with growth new,
Upon them lay a bright residue.

There were large boulders of varying size.
In red, blue and purple; Easy on the eyes.

The boulders were placed, as if in strategic locations.
Kept the thorough fare dry; or moist for creation.

In an endless corridor to defend,
Of the mode at one particular bend,
Whereas they climbed around a sharp curve.
In the switchbacks like the inner nerve.

Much to their astonishment
to see in such abandonment,
Was an elaborate display
Of wild flowers at play.

Dark passion purples!
Five perfect petals!
Each of the five,
Soft as they thrive.

Their shape as a teardrop-
With an inner vault.
Sharp point at center-
Fill the tear, then wider.

Curved at the edges in delicate decadence.
Weaving lace deliciously with elegance.

The blue mist glittered in the sun.
Late afternoon; fate of prisms undone.
Rainbows delightfully bright.
Dancing waves of colorful light.

The exquisite floral reached incredible heights.
Over and a top DragonBlue, filtering light.
(She was no small creature, to be sure)
Flamboyant and Magickal in its allure.

The air was full of energy.
That they could almost see…
The smell.
The taste.
The feel.
The essence.
The aura.
Very real.

Along the ground there grew;
Small bright red mushrooms,
With white spots close to the root-
Toxic when tasted, yet still a fruit.

The floriferous garden that lay;
Atop the soil with long, stringy legs
Sank deep into the earth...
For life,
And birth.

Bright yellow butterflies;
Fed and fertilized.
Seedlings from the blossoms floret,
it's nectar tasting succulent.

Nurturing propagation-
Another generation.
As ALL life is ONE remains-
Flourishing in this rich terrain.
The sky above pure blue without clouds-
Forever onward without any sounds.

DragonBlue and MoonChild of Gaea continued to stare,
At the natural mural designed with mother earth’s flare.
Gaea’s own special brush of unconditional love,
Gifting of Herself with life force, below and above.


Chapter Seventeen - Aligning the Talisman

Ch 17 - Aligning the Talisman
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They stopped to rest and in doing so
Began to ground, center and flow.
Becoming one with Earth Mother
One with the flowers.
One with the pulsating beat
Of the mushrooms that seemed
An artery to this power source,
Along its winding, turning course.

The purple floral slowly gave way
To a meadow before a clear blue lake.
Fed by a small, bubbling spring
That fell over mossy rocks to bring
Fresh water and food in abundance here.
The water clean and crystal clear.

Blue Herons and other birds of prey
Nested in the reeds, their songs to play.
Watching Dragon Blue and Moon Child; an odd pair--
With a friendship of honor and trust to share.

As the sun set in the western sea;
The full moon was rising in the east.
The days numbered were now three-
Dragon Blue’s anticipation increased.

Excitement, apprehension and concern
For now they were to meet the third.
And could finally to the lost dimension return
Their success tentatively was assured.

Their faith had been placed
In Talon’s knowledge as mage.
For the danger they now faced
Would stem from the Dark Wolf’s rage.

Talon was to meet them at the eastern ravine,
On this island of magickal life and energy.
There they were to locate as foreseen
A talisman charged in aligned synergy.

With the life force that in abundance created
This mythical sacred island of old.

Their three paths, plus one were fated
To destiny and would now unfold.

Glides through
The gray mists
As MoonChild insists
They circle about
The mossy mount
For there they will find
A unique – one of a kind
Talisman of vivacity
Intense in luminosity…


Chapter Eighteen - Reflection of Runes

Ch 18 - Reflection of Runes
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The moon cycles were drawing to a close.
The stars and planets at their innermost
alignment with the earth, sun and moon.
DragonBlue would see Morningstar soon!

MoonChild and DragonBlue had yet to breach
the second wall around the castle keep.
Though the large, heavy stone gate
glistened in the sun growing late.

Reflecting futures and pasts
as the shadows cast
a longer version
of their reflection.

Three were the gates through which to pass
The fortress walls built to protect en mass.
Against what? This thought heavy on her mind,
as DragonBlue led the way; MoonChild behind.

Once again she scented the air
for any predator that might be near.
All of her senses were in tune
in hopes this quest ended soon.

They glimpsed then studied the intricate runes;
carefully scribed over many a moon.
A spell of magickal protective invocation;
when read aloud stirred the reservation
of all that resided within these walls of stone,
that remained, in spite of the summer heat; ice cold.


Meeting of Three ~ Part IV ~ Blue Fyre

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