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Arrested For Feeding The Homeless?

As I was reading my email today from my Care2 account, I came across a site that just blew my mind. The headlines read;   “Food NOT Bombs Volunteers Arrested For Feeding The Homeless.” As I read on I discovered that the local businesses and residents thought the homeless were an eye sore and needed to be removed from the premises. So then I discover that in cities all across America, it is illegal to feed the hungry in a public place. My first question was, where the hell else do you feed the homeless? They don’t have a home to feed them in. And if they’re such an eye sore and a nuisance, gee, why don’t business owners give them a job, paying those very same homeless enough in wages so that they can afford to live in a home and actually feed themselves? What a concept, huh? Why don’t they look at feeding them as a company, might be some good press you think? Would even provide them with a hefty tax write off!

Instead they choose to cause conflict, calling the police and eliciting the mayor’s signature to pass laws that make it illegal for these people to eat? Excuse me? Isn’t that just a little unconstitutional? What is this country coming to, when cities and states pass laws that make it illegal for volunteers to feed the homeless in public places? What about the homeless that get arrested for eating in public places? Where the hell are they supposed to eat? Up a fucking tree? It’s bad enough that they’re homeless, but to put them in jail for eating in public? 

Why do we see so many without homes and in the streets, eating in public places? Because the country is so hell bent on war, jails and prison, it has not taken a look around at all the FAMILIES it made homeless in the corporate push to move our factories and manufacturing plants out of the country into child labor regions where 10 year olds work for 14 hours a day to make products Americans cannot afford to buy. All in the name of the ALMIGHTY DOLLAR! Had to increase that gross profit margin by 10% over the last five years, is what they said. Why? Can those who actually collect that money ever spend it all in the time they have to live on this earth? They could not spend it all if they lived 3 lives continuously. Do they really think they are going to take it with them?

“In a Universe of Justice the Eyes of Truth are ALWAYS WATCHING YOU”-Enigma. The day will come, and I don’t mean next millennia when these hungry people being arrested in the streets will be the very people that balk at seeing the hungry and homeless fed in the streets. Times are changing as they always do, and power is shifting as it always does, and then in defeat and stupefied they will wonder what the hell went wrong? Greed buys you nothing but cold, lonely death. You begin to LIVE when you begin to GIVE! 

With that said, I’ll step down off my soapbox, and provide you with the following bulletin that I think shines like the sun never has:






You can make a big difference by having everyone you know send in A DOLLAR FOR PEACE. Food Not Bombs is as busy as ever. We are growing rice and yams in Africa, starting a movement to provide free medical assistance called Healthcare Not Warfare, organizing numerous actions for peace, social justice and animal rights, working for the release of our volunteers who are jailed in the Philippines and most importantly we are feeding thousands of hungry people every week in hundreds of communities all over the world.

When the U.S. government failed to respond to Katrina, Food Not Bombs organize bus loads of food and volunteers to head down to the Gulf Region to feed the survivors. We were feeding people in New Orleans less than three days after the storm hit. Our taxes were busy funding the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan while Food Not Bombs volunteers were freeing people from attics and providing them with three hot meals a day. According to the city of New Orleans and the disaster relief agencies in the Gulf States Food Not Bombs was the only group coordinating food to the survivors on a daily basis. We continue to feed people made homeless by Katrina. Imagine if a million people send in one dollar just think how much more Food Not Bombs can do!

For the past 26 years Food Not Bombs has been feeding people in hundreds of communities all over the world absolutely free of charge. Food Not Bombs has organized and fed many actions including peace rallies, anti-globalizations protests and animal rights actions. We also organize Homes Not Jails actions (to house the homeless), plant community gardens through Food Not Lawns, provide free medical help through Healthcare Not Warfare, and share information and music through the free radio movement. We provide food to the homeless and hungry, at actions in support of Native American and aboriginal land struggles and we feed people defending the earth. We also donate food to day care centers, and the families of workers on strike. New Food Not Bombs groups are starting every day all over the world. There are hundreds of chapters collecting, cooking and sharing free food. We are also organizing gatherings to investigate new ways to bring peace and social justice to our world. Food Not Bombs is offering you the opportunity to support this magical movement by sending in just ONE DOLLAR! It is a great time to stop underestimating the power of one. Give it a try and pass on the word. For just one dollar you can help build a world based on peace and justice.

Send your dollar or how ever many dollars you want to:

                   Food Not Bombs
                   P.O. Box 424
                   Arroyo Seco, NM 87514

I have checked them out and they are legitimate! Below is a link to their site, check them out for yourself!

Let’s feed some hungry, homeless people in or out of the public eye in the name of FREEDOM, LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL! 

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