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Should a woman have the right to choose an abortion?

           Yes we should have the right to choose what happens to our bodies and weather or not we give birth to a child. Why do the "Right to Lifers" think they need to legislate morality? They are crossing church and state lines which is unconstitutional. When a woman makes a decision to have an abortion, it is not a matter of birth control because it's an easy way out. It is a decision that is very personal and requires a lot of soul searching before making that decision.

          How many more unwanted, homeless, abused children do they want in this world? Why can't the "Right to Lifers" see that these children are living and dying in the streets? Can they not see families struggling to make ends meet and their current children going without the basics? Is it better to bring a child into a world of hunger, violence and abuse or to stop that pregnancy from becoming a child? Cruelty to a newborn is not what I would call an alternative or justice. They are so worried about the life of an embryo not even visible to the naked eye, yet they take life at every corner of the world.

          No, this is not about that unborn being that is not a life until it takes its first breath, but about their religion and opinion being pushed onto everyone across the planet weather we like it or not. If women lose their right to control their reproductive systems then the men of these religions can continue to abuse, beat, rape and kill their wives and children and keep women in their place as their personal slaves. They can keep women out of the workforce or in low paying jobs so that they have complete control over them.  


          To make a point that I read not long ago, from a very religious woman; "Men need to learn how to keep their manhood in their pants, and use a condom, even if they get more pleasure without one, so that unwed mothers and women are not faced with a decision to live in poverty with their child or have it aborted."   And I agree, men need to take more responsibility for their sexual assertiveness, and stop blaming the woman for a man's inability to keep it to himself. 

          To make abortion and birth control illegal is to enslave women to men once again and all the women and men that died fighting for the right to have control over weather or not they brought another human into this cold, violent and disgusting world, have died for nothing.

         "Right to Lifers"
, I think you need to take a look at your own morality and realize just how far you've stepped over the boundaries of free will that you spout about when it suits your reasons for saying so. Your ancestor's took everything from us, including the knowledge of birth control. This is not the Spanish Inquisition, you are not saviors of the world's morals, and in my opinion you are more evil than the entity you blame all your sins upon, when you act on this sanctimonious attitude.

           You may not control the female half of our species with your self-righteous, condescending, bigoted and hypocritical opinions. What makes you think that you can regulate and determine what is another's sins, when your own souls bleed with the sins of everything you have done?

            Women who seek abortions are not to be stoned as adulteresses or whores, but are your sisters that need your compassion when faced with the decision of abortion and an unwanted pregnancy. Homeless, abused children die every day in the streets of America due to people like you denying a woman the right to choose.

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