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Desire for flight to planet Peace
Result of Urban angst?

Result of Urban blissful stupidity
in its desire to control completely

Quest for philosophy
The Search for Truth?

All philosophy the "Rapture" seeks to destroy
as they conclude it is their right by written ploy,
Scribed by unlearned men with hatred in their hearts
For Mother Goddess and life as they shred it apart.

Need to anchor life
To meaningful existence?

They find only misery in this life we have been given
by the loving essence of Mother Earth that we now live in.
Denying sacred pleasures to damn woman for herself
to murder, rape, pillage and no honor among themselves …

Burning forests while eliminating entire species from this planet;
opposition to destruction silenced by their Holy Cross amulet.
Their existence has no purpose but to cause the Armageddon
Stealing all life force with humanity and claim they are forgiven.

This is what the "Rapture" believes, sees and brings to being
those who are gathering Blue as Keltoi strike upon the string
of the Sacred Harp with the Maidens Nine in rhyming Wyrd
to battle their madness in magick and mundanely purge …

The asylum that is their mind and their own un-doing
as ego, id and sanity unplug and set to brewing,
horrific agony for those immortal in eternity,
degradation to natural laws of serendipity.

Aye, Keltoi Warriors, we will stand long and tall
to stop this abomination before the end of all.

Questions will be answered as they are set forth,
so as not to confuse the heart with strategies north.
Write On! Love On! Honor and Protect
our Mother Goddess and Mother Earth with
our life and last breath;
if it need be,
as those of the gathering,
Manifest the Power of Three!

So I Will It! So Mote It Be!
In Unconditional Love
and Complete Forgiveness
as well the Light with every
Shade and Hue of the Color Blue ...

Author's Note: SimpleDip DragonBlue from Dragon Blue's Poetry at MSN Groups.

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