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One Step

This essay was written in response to a challenge I put to my forum members about a black bear being assassinated because he wandered into the wrong neighbourhood. One of my members replied in a poem that inspired the following:

We as poets have a very eloquent and persuasive way with words, and we can change the world if only one moment at a time. We as poets, are the only ones I think who can. Let's think about it. They are the few. We are the many. We need to stand undivided by fear, race, language, religion and political beliefs. We need to stand for life. Walk the walk. Not just talk the talk. Some would be afraid to write as you do. Why? Because they might die trying....look at it this way, and I take this quote from Dave Matthews: "If your house is burning down, you close and cover your eyes and do nothing, afraid to move because you might die trying?"

Some do just that. "TO CHANGE THE WORLD, ALL IT TAKES IS ONE STEP." We need only start the ripple...and the wave it will become will turn the world into what it should be and must be in the end if we want our race, the HUMAN RACE, to survive....UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. One entity by all of our diversity. Even Christ taught unconditional love. Though few who call themselves Christians ever practice it.

Random acts of kindness, because nice matters. If we live the laws of abundancy, we will receive abundance. If we live the laws of scarcity, so 'shall it be what we receive'. If we live our lives by what we know to be right, we do so because it's the right thing to do, not because of retribution from some vengeful god of hell fire and brimstone. We do so because to do otherwise is wrong, and we all know this innately.

WE, THE PEOPLE OF THIS PLANET have the duty and obligation to put an end to the selfish, greedy killing of many that is currently happening all over the world. We have the obligation to heal the earth and its life force and many life species. We need to defend those who cannot defend themselves. We need to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.

As poets, we are the voice of history, the voice of the people, the consciousness of a planet. We are the Sacred Bards reincarnate to sway all peoples with our rhythm and rhyme. We are what can change the world.

All it takes is ONE STEP.

Respectfully and with love
from within the Light of Blue,

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