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Author's Note:
I was scanning the headlines today and read; "Free, what does it mean?" The following essay is my interpretation of how I define the word "Free".

         Though I realize when a person thinks of the word 'free' they think of the mundane world in this dimension where everything has a price tag attached. The price to pay for material items, what you think you want are sometimes visible, some are not so easily seen. Everything has a price, even if just the effort required to achieve the desired results.

         But when you think of the word free as a universal, global and cosmic thought, no thing is for free. Everything must be taken from somewhere to be given to somewhere else. A life for a death, chaos for order, an ounce in gallons is measured equal no matter if half full or half empty.

         All are ONE within the collective consciousness of our planet that have the chemical balance to each of the four base elements that rely on each other and the chemical reaction to each other to create each and every living organism in the universe.

         Spirit, the fifth element, is the only organism that can exist without the other four. Those of us who learn, teach and grow and are not of the "once born" are:


Free Spirits of Light and Energy....

Light flows into us.
Light flows through us.
Light flows from us.

For we are
Free Spirits of Light and Energy.

         The pathway of becoming human and learning the key lessons of humanity in unconditional love are a Spirit's only portal to the next level of thought and emotion in evolution. This is where we feel logically and think emotionally to the very extreme of our capacity to realize the potential of the human mind.

         We are meant to utilize this horrendously powerful tool to a degree that far exceeds the 3% average of today's homo sapiens. We have Free Will to absorb the knowledge surrounding our very existence that some choose not to see, but it has already been taken and is now given to us for we are now, we have always been, and we will forever be....

Free Spirits of Light and Energy.

         If we Will it to be, we Will see, do and receive that which we give and have taken. So Mote It Be!


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