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I have a conspiracy theory about everything on this planet that has too much said or not enough said about it that may or it might be a coincidence.  There is no such thing as coincidence in my book.  The truth is usually too fantastic to believe by most and the lies are always so pat that only a fool would believe them.

Let’s start with the assassination of John F. Kennedy.  Do you really think that a ‘super’ bullet entered one man’s leg, bounced off the dash to hit Kennedy in the left side and then bounced off the seat behind him to the final blow on the top of his head, practically scalping him?  Harvey Oswald, his supposed assassin, was a poor un-educated man, and did not have the means financially or mentally to follow Kennedy’s election trail to have timed his being where he was at, to actually pull the trigger on the gun that missed Kennedy.  He was the fall guy, until he realized they were going to execute him, instead of deporting him as promised, and before he could spill his guts, they killed him.  Very clean, contracted and efficient kill that one was. Both John F. and Bobby Kennedy were assassinated by contracts paid for by the C.I.A., J.E. Hoover (director of the C.I.A) who was briefing George Bush Sr. in November 1963.  Kennedy was pulling us out of Vietnam, and Vice President Johnson signed his signature along with the director and Bush who was a top agent of the C.I.A. contract to have him and his brother eliminated.  Motive?  His family and several of his lobbyist buddies had invested heavily in the munitions industry, our largest export at the time.  (Still is today)  Not to mention the civil rights issues that were being amended by both Kennedy brothers to our constitution. 

Next in history, we have Richard Nixon.  Republican war monger but not guilty of anything more than any other politician at the time, but Dick made a lot of enemies, for his skills at diplomacy were as subtle as a box of rocks.  He took office in the middle of a losing battle and covertly tried to win a war that could not be won.  It was not about winning, protecting America or anyone’s civil rights being established in Vietnam, it was about Shell Oil and our munitions industry stock holders.  All of the truth was buried in patriotic propaganda that killed millions of people. 

He resigned before his second term was up and clumsy Gerald Ford took over as V.P. for the remainder of his term.  Mr. Ford was a puppet on many strings and never played the part well of being pulled in too many directions at one time. 

Then came Jimmy Carter, someone in our history of presidents I consider to be one of the most compassionate and intelligent men in the presidential office.  He was a bio physicist, but his brother was a peanut farmer, who was also a womanizer that drank too much and scandalized his name every time he turned around.  He still rolls up his sleeve in his humanitarian efforts of Habitat for Humanity to help homeless families. 

Do you remember the oil crisis?  My boss, who was a CPA told me at the time, (I believe him more today than I did then) that there was no oil crisis, and driving 55 was just another way to put the reigns on the rebel American icon.  Our government thought it was necessary after the sixties, the summer of love, Woodstock and the sexual revolution, with L.S.D. being used in experimentation by our pentagon and the military on the youth of our nation.  Kent State University in Ohio also happened in the late sixties where flower children (9 college students aged 18-23) were blown away for placing a daisy in the tip of the rifles being held by the crowd control military personnel present at a peaceful assembly in exercise of the first amendment to our constitution. 

Now let us fast forward to the “Don’t worry, Be happy” motto of the Reagan tenure where every social program that helped the poor, disadvantaged and minority people of this country actually help themselves with education and job skills instead of taking a welfare hand out was cancelled so that we could once again build our military.  He quadrupled our national debt and ended the cold war between Russia and the U.S. with the Star Wars billion dollar space station laser system that showed its efficiency in the Challenger Shuttle mission that exploded on national television right before our very eyes.  When questioned, his bad acting betrayed him as he replied; “I don’t recall.”  Reagan went along and played his hand well with the Federal Reserve Bank, which is not a government agency and has been ripping us off for over 100 years.

After researching several sites, this is what I have found in the facts of the Federal Reserve Bank:  the conspirators already had their Bill drafted and this artificial banking panic lead to the passing of the Aldrich-Vreeland Emergency Currency Act of 1908. This Act, while taking measures to address the supposed banking problems, more importantly to the conspirators set up the National Monetary Commission. This commission, consisting of 16 Congressman hand-picked by Aldrich, was charted to study monetary systems and recommend long term solutions to the Nations "banking problems".

In November of 1910, the conspirators of the Federal Reserve Bank where planning for their grand coup. They came together at Jekyl Hunt Club, Jekyl Island, Georgia, to plan the take over of the American government. Those in attendance included: 1.  Senator Aldrich, 2.  Nelson Rockefeller's maternal grandfather; A. Piatt Andrew,  3. Assistant Secretary of the Treasury; Frank Vanderlip, 4. President of the National City Bank of New York,  5.  Paul Moritz Warburg, a German who was acting under orders from and financed by the Rothchild family; and 6.  Benjamin Strong, an aid of J.P. Morgan; and a host of 6 others, representing the power elite of the banking world.

Now that we are most assuredly bankrupt with first the four years of Bush I, “Desert Storm” who was elected on the coat tails of Ronald Reagan, and then the Clinton administration, both performing behind the scenes, covert war efforts and policies in the middle east and then 9/11 in the Bush II and Cheney administration with the treasonous acts of the two towers that imploded, they did not explode, this was an inside job, and the weapons of mass destruction that never did exist as a reason to wage war on first Afghanistan and then Iraq and soon to be Iran,  we will be, by the end of this decade a third world, impoverished nation. 

The writing is on the subway walls, in the tenant halls, and what was once a great nation that as a global power abused its power in arrogance and committed the crime of invading another country for personal gain of the few who reaped the rewards, will fall as Rome once did, for the very same reasons.  “There’s a man standing right in front of you, holding a bomb as all the believers stand behind him and smile.”--dmb 

This takes me to the conspiracy theory that I have held as my opinion since 1984; there are twelve people, plus one on this planet that control the world money.  As such they dictate who will be the leader of what country to further their end of controlling the masses.  They do not care how they do so, who dies or how much blood is shed to make it so, and with biblical hysteria, and false fear of national security, they are stripping our rights away with every passing minute.  There is a 13th who is the leader of these twelve and the ‘power’ is getting ready to change the guard.  These few who rule the world,  hand pick their replacements to keep the power and the money in the hands of these families and corporations.  We need to open our eyes as a nation and see what we will be in a very short period of time, if we do not take a stand and stop the Federal Reserve and the I.R.S. from bankrupting our country and enslaving us to their dynasty for many hundreds of years to come. 

There you have it, there it is, and so it goes …

Inspired by contest for Controversies and Conspiracies

About the Greedy Men Who Rule the World

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