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October 2020

Dear Mr. President,



Declare Transparency Emergency Mr. President and get all documents turned over for evidence
of all the bad players in "Obamagate" including Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Schumer, Adam Schiff, George Soros and Hillary Clinton.  All need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If it were the American people committing these acts of treason, you can bet your bottom dollar we would already be in prison. 

Mr. President, you also need to call the Insurrection Act and arrest all the members of Antifa, BLM and any Democratic Mayor, Governor, Congressman and/or Senator who has incited these riots and allowed these riots to destroy our major cities and our country; above mentioned members need to be rounded up, arrested, tried and sentenced to prison for Sedition and Treason, murder in the first degree, accessory to murder, inciting a riot, destroying federal property, assaulting police officers, assaulting American Citizens and a conspiracy to overthrow the federal government.  

We need LAW AND ORDER in this country and the above actions are the only way to do so.  
Otherwise these people are going to continue to destroy our American Dream and will
continue to break the law, violate the American People's civil rights and destroy our country every chance they get. 

It MUST BE DONE. AND DONE RIGHT NOW.  NO more stalling until after the election. These 
traitors need to be removed from our midsts, once and for all.  

Sincerely and with Respect,
Maylynn Hughes
Concerned U.S. Citizen


Note:  Shortly after I sent this message to President Trump in October 2020, he did declare a Transparancy Emergency and turned over all documents to the DOJ and the DOJ oversite committee.  I was really impressed.  I'm thinking he may be waiting for the removal of the fraudlant ballots and recount of the elelction and then his victory due to the recounts to declare an inserrection for there will be a lot of violence by the left, when he overturns the election.  

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