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by Maylynn Hughes

(c)  September 8th, 2021


As I listen to my daily news podcasts,

      I hear in disbelief

How Joe Biden is leaving our American

      civilians in Afghanistan,

with no way out.

He has no intention of going

     back in with our military

     in one fell swoop

He does not care about those

       who allegedly put him in office.


He is our commander in chief and he left

     thousands of people behind.

Not to mention the Afghanistan people

     who helped us while we were there

He made dire promises to people he had

      no intention of keeping.

Private citizens are putting their lives

      in danger to bring some of them home.

While Joe Biden goes on vacation

      and Kamala is nowhere to be found.

He has betrayed our country,

he has betrayed our allies

he lied to all of us about the situation

      and the Taliban in Afghanistan


Then he has the nerve to talk to us about

     getting vaccinated and mask mandates

When he is bringing in 100's of 1000's of  illegals

without vetting them

without testing them.

without vaccinating them.

And they are not required to mask up!

He left 52 Billion dollars worth of high tech,

      state of the art, equipment there

Now our people will have to fight our

      equipment in the hands of the Taliban

He takes credit for the airlifts when our

      allies provided 70% of the airlifts out.

He really does  hate America.

He hates our constitution.

He hates Americans.

You cannot rule a free people

with hate in your heart.


He has destroyed this country with his crazy

      spending and executive orders

He is in bed with China

He has always been in bed with China.

He is a traitor like Benedict Arnold never was.

Furthermore, he was not duly elected –


He said so himself. “We have the most inclusive,

      sophisticated voter fraud system in the world.”

He was placed in this position by the

      puppeteers of the deep state and China.


When the results of the forensic audits come

      into the public eye

he will be lucky to walk away with his life.

People are already angry –

and when they discover he cheated

in the election

and is an ILLEGITIMATE President –

People will want him dead.

They Already Do!


But death is much too good for Joe Biden.

He deserves to live a long and painful life in

solitary confinement, where he can reflect on

     his treasonous behavior before he meets his maker.


There you have it, there it is, and so it goes...

P.S.  We should drop him off and leave him in Afghanistan to fend for himself.    Now that would be justice!

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