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Charity Starts At Home

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After reading the article and the quoted comments below, located on Reddit here:  


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12 hours ago

I commented with my own reply, just below some of their contents ....  Why don't they not come to our country illegally and then NO ONE would have an opportunity to treat them like slaves.

US farms made $200million via human smuggling and labor trafficking operations

"We need to stop prosecuting the immigrants and start targeting those they hire them. Or in this case “hire”.

"The American Farm Bureau Federation opposes E-Verify and stated in July 2011 that it "could have a significant, negative impact on U.S. farm production, not only threatening the livelihoods of many farmers and ranchers in labor-intensive agriculture but jeopardizing as well the health of the rural economy, where agriculture plays an important role."[102]

And hypocritical farmers.

In any case, far from being the only one, that's not much of an answer. Cash payments have no paper trail.

Much like drugs and no tolerance, it's the fact we hold deportation over the heads of the undocumented that's causing the issue. That prevents us from imposing/executing working regulations and laws on those workers, which in turn causes them to not report work violations or crimes themselves."

"Yep gotta love republican values.

Edit; for the downvoters, Republicans have literally rejected every single attempt to implement national E-Verify.

Every single fucking time. It was the republican party that explicitly allowed and supported illegal immigrants to get work in 2021. Exclusively. It's 100% a republican core value to allow and support illegal immigration and labor.

The party of Trump loves allowing illegal immigrants to steal your jobs, they keep being the exclusive votes against e-verify implementation."

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How about they just don't come here illegally, to be treated so unfairly?  How about they grow some balls and take their own country back, instead of screwing up ours? How about they NOT break the law by scurrying across our borders to take advantage of our welfare programs? If they were not here illegally, NO ONE would have the opportunity to treat them like slaves.


It is the Biden Marxist Democratic party that has open borders so they can change the electoral demographics and be elected again.


It is the Democrats who were the KLU KLUX KLAN, the slave owners, and the Democrats that fought against releasing the slaves and withdrew from the union to keep their damn slaves in the Civil War. Jim Crow was a Democrat.


There is no such thing as a democrat anymore in the true definition of the word, they are all Extreme Nuckin Futz, They are far left Marxist, Socialist, Communists creating lies to smear their political opposition, and imprison people for their support of the opposite party.


They speak with forked tongue, while they are laughing at you, me and the whole damn country all the way to the bank.


They are stealing us blind, laundering our hard earned tax dollars to themselves and bankrupting our country at the moment.


Soooo, I think it's time these people (the illegal alien immigrants) stayed in their own country. Charity starts at home.


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