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Quintessence of a Tree
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"Why, Hello back to thee Tree!
How old might thee be?
Tell me a story or two?"
I plead
"Maybe rhyming in counts of three?
Thy aura reaches out to me.
Enchanted am I and pleased
That ye have chosen me,
With my mind through thy minds eye
Thy soul for mine to see.
Thy energy I sense
As I absorb thy scent
So delightful and intense!"

"This tale of thy descent
Honorable it be;
To trace in history
Thy endless blood lines
Of other dimensions
and forgotten times.
I now can see immortal thee are,
Many are thy memories of lives before.
The ancestors of thy nurturing species,
Alive within thy ever flowing leaves.
Thy endless, timeless age,
Seasoned spirit I embrace.
Seen only in the rings of your bark
Infinitely playful, young at heart."

"I thank thee my friend for allowing me
Thy inner strengths and essence to see.
I feel ye art truly FREE!
This ye have shown unto me,
For mine own inner child-
Sixth of sense becoming we.
Sacred of union and
precious this gift be!"

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