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Take Me to the Place of my Dreams
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Take me to the place of my dreams
Articulate them with moonbeams
Kinetically sweeping like the pendulum
Elegantly dancing through the asylum

Melodic places of my complex mind
Etching in the darkness to be enshrined

Temporal to me as we meet, meandering
Operatic as in dreams you hear the churning

Tectonic songs of love and peaceful joy
Helical; transcending the viceroy
Emerging from our cocoon as one spirit

Propelled by our own inner beat and pivot
Luminous to each other in body, mind and soul
As one, we do complement one another and extol
Courageous enough to wear our hearts on our sleeve
Exuberate excitement we always achieve

Orbit heights of pleasure in one another’s company
Fascinated by our constant, magnetic alchemy

Melody of true love, finally come to call
Youthful at heart we become and are so enthralled

Determined to make time stand still
Rhythmic as we breath, as one ‘will’
Elixir of hunger, we do satiate
Amazed at the diction we can now create
Mutual respect and adoration, we become ‘us’
So lost in each other that ‘we’, are our, only focus.


Take Me to the Place of My Dreams

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