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Radically inept and unbelievable to a person of logic
Answers to forty percent of a world power martyrologic
Pathetic to the degree of almost being humorous
Torture to those of us who realize the blunderous
Umbrella of the zealous fervor in the Right Wing
Ramifications are in gross proportions of their sting
Eternity was never meant for their closed minds to grasp.


        I spent my day reading about the "Rapture" of the right wing in these the United States of America, and how they welcome the Armageddon to prove their point. They would take us to this horrible outcome of a society gone berserk in their fervor to prove they are so right. The scariest part of all is that they are so convincing to so many who are producing entire generations of ignorance, prejudice, bigotry and a gripping theocracy of their beliefs around the human race like a noose at a galley hanging. Will they never stop? How many times must they represent the very thing they say they despise, and justify it to their last dying breath?

        Misery loves company is only one of the conclusions I have come upon. But to actually decide to ride the war head as it creates the Armageddon or world destruction with Bible in hand, is enough to make my stomach turn. Not only do I object, but I rebel and speak out against a great wrong to humanity as a whole, not to mention the Earth and ALL of her creatures. Not only do I say NO, but HELL NO!

and with Love

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