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Walking the Tightrope
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Achieving some solace
Though ‘tis not flawless
Neither meaning
Nor intent is lost
Clearly shown is the cost
Intensely beatific are the
colors of the sunset
Flowing emotions are met
Playing my senses in quartet
Parameters and rules are then set
Every pore opens to attune
For ‘tis enlightened by the moon…
Tightly curled in a white cocoon
Awaiting the tantalizing taste of June!
Absolution is not what is sought
Feeling the abrasive surface of rock
Linking with full focus to lock
Allowing no input to counter the block
Tis not static nor chromatic but slightly
Lyrical notes dance through my mind
Impeccably my feet keep the time
My voice echo’s vibration and rhyme
Three parts synchronized as the beat climbs
I begin to sway
Finding my way
To the blue of my bay
In rainbow rays
My breath intakes that of the Mystic
Strange yet somehow nostalgic
This blue light of magick
Enticing the optimistic
To bask within thy third dimension
Prosperous without
No dissension
Then to the fourth in quintessence
While learning and teaching in co-existence
Surprised am I to find myself realizing
As memories unfold I reminiscing
All elements and self are singing
My sadness now is slowly fading
As my soul releases its negative energy
Allowing me to see
The outcome of We
If scrying is to be
And so We shall go forward once again
So Forth unto the future send
The love it takes to become the best of friends
Until our path has reached an end

Or until the journey continues

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