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Vision of Gaea’s Dragon Blue

Visions of Gaea's DragonBlue
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Gaea - Gaea - Gaea - Dragon Blue…
Protector of Mother Earth

Why hath thou sought me out?

In a dream did ye appear,

in all thy glory
full of spirit.

Filling me with longing for my home
in the midst of thy bosom.

All around us formed a
circle first of light...

Then upward drifting mist
within this circle around us.

A five pointed star became clear.
Lifting the material world--

Between this and the other.

Becoming first three

then six dimensional.

Above us a web of

beams of light.

As I drift above and glance below
I glimpse mountain peaks with snow.

The ice pure in its immobile form.
Light of the stars glistens and

sparks in my eye.

The turmoil beneath

the chaos quickening
the implosion.

Death and Rebirth

Ice cold yet...
Hot some how.

“Why did ye bring me here Lady?
I ask of thee

Blue Dragon of Gaea
What does this mean?”

“I see the symbols for eternal light




What is it that ye need me to understand?
What is the link?

What is the message?”

She only gazed at me through
mournful eyes of compassion,

Her aura turning

Sky Blue


Hot Pink


Love and warmth
I felt emit from her great berth.

“Ye shall understand one day.”
Was the thought sent to me.

“For now,
Ye must return to thine being
of the mundane...

For though here it has only been moments,
many hours have passed in thy dimension."

"Just remember this vision;
Emboss it upon thy soul!

Know that I love thee!
Greater than ye can ever
comprehend mine child!”

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