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Too Tall Tim Connelly
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We met through our mutual friends, playing cards is how it began
Dancing, partying to live rock-n-roll, seditiously sewing our wild oats.
Towering above me at six foot nine, I being a very petite five, five.
He’d lift me like a rag doll, twirling ‘round in musical
Ecstasy.  I starting to fall;
As he would catch and bend me, backwards, kiss me and release …
A spinning, dancer the length of his arm,
Gracefully folded me back in with charm.
His hair was the color of golden wheat
His eyes hazy blue in the summer heat;
Acting like a couple of animals, one night,
With the large full moon of October shining bright
Pulled off to the side of the rode in the stars
And ravaged each other on the hood of my car.
When we awoke the next day, to our friends teasing away
Informing us that we were better than the porn
They had bought to watch 'till the early ‘morn.
Every pore of my body from head to toe
Turned a scarlet red and made me hot below
Knowing that we had no clue of their presence
Lost in the primal lust sharing our essence.
My girlfriends reminded me every chance they got
And to this day my face burns at the very thought
Though I must admit, telling of it now makes me hot
As we were animals, in lust and knew how to rock!

He was my obsession in the summer of 1989.

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