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You Can't Take the Sky from Me
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You can never take my inner light and energy away
Or lock it behind steel doors, to place my spirit in a cage.
Undeniably, my essence is mine and free of your tyranny

Constantly in motion and moving in complete harmony.
Answering the elements of four to raise my progeny
Never will your poison harm boundless minds and souls
I teach them of the old ways, same above as is below.

Thinking free cannot be taxed or extorted, your means to an end;
Anti-conformist I remain and will prolifically send
Knowledge to the rest of the world of your darkest slime bile,
Enticing the unsuspecting with treachery to beguile

The young and innocent with your falsehoods and greed
Harness their intelligence to control their seed.
Everything you do I will thwart with every fiber of my being,

Seditiously defying your cruel laws of pretentious conniving.
Kissing the blue sky with mind, spirit and lips of red
Yellow ribbons shredded as you count the many dead.

Forming packed lies lined with hatred and bigotry
Reinventing your own deceit, your legacy
Obstacles I place on this dark path you take,
Manacles will not stop me for your mistake

Maniacal you underestimate power of the light.
Eternity shall know you in darkness without your hind-sight.
I don’t care what you believe; I am still free. 
You cannot take the blue sky away from me.

2. "I don't care; I'm still free. You can't take the sky from me." --Joss Whedon, 'Serenity' ballad

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