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Quest for Golden Flame
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Upon this path of darkness I quest for knowledge deep
The truth is what eludes me though with pure intent I seek.
Of the shadows and the caves, never have I felt fear
In the mountain pass, I seize the chance through tears.

For though my soul longs for love to be sincere
My path is strewn with obstacles I should see as seer,
But I can no longer see the forest through the trees
That block my view as I continue to go by what I need.

I meet many a rogue that want to steal my luminous light
Providing me with what I need so they can say they’re right.
I need to remember to take the path from what I know
For enemies are many and my friends all turn to foes.

My gold is my heart that I give freely without condition
It flames for one who returns my love with precognition.
And when we finally meet and join as one purple flame,
Only then will my passion be quenched in the mundane.

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