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What are these wings good for2
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all the little pieces falling


aware of only my quick intake of breath
loosening my hold on nothing more than death
lightning cracks as it hits a nearby tree,

twenty paces away the sound startles me.
happening by chance – I know now that I have the key
even though I know the cost to cast in counts of three.

laughter peels from my voice bouncing ‘round my head
intently I release the word in triplicate as meant and said
toppling through the cosmos on blue light beams
‘till I hear the echo boomerang  loud screams
little pieces of his soul start to split and scatter
entering the cold silence of space, time and matter.

pitching forward he realizes it is I that came to call
inscribed upon his once born soul the pain he dealt us all
extracting all from his empty heart and shallow mind
continuing to strip him of defenses he might find
entangled he is now with ripping, searing pain
sadistically I return to him his own low life shame.

somersaults of madness roll from my fingertips
hastening their arrival to burn his lying lips
anger, fury and despair finally found a home
tenaciously surrounding him in a web like cone
torturing his spirit as he had done to us
exempting dues my tears can now combust.

rising up all the little pieces falling


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