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Rites of Passage
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In retrospect
as one reflects

A journey began
amidst shifting sand

Turmoil and utter chaos
Desperate to balance at any cost

Seeking inner peace

solid foundation

Unlearning my biased upbringing
to shed the guilt
spirit free and singing

No longer martyr to their
nightmares called dreams

or part of their madness
to justify their means

A spirit of Light and Energy
Peace within
Peace without

Following mine own destiny
by harnessing the power internally

this path has not been one of ease
Brutal honesty will bring ye to thy knees

Chanting to the summer breeze
welcoming the chilling freeze

For when ye seek the truth of a higher plane
No longer can ye call
thyself by another's given name

Ye learn that Mother Earth is to embrace
Surrender thy heart and interlace

Thine own reality and inner rhyme
Persevere until Blue Light ye find

As I am Gaea’s Dragon Blue
I have also paid my Due

By loving unconditionally
My weakness revealed to my enemy

Surviving this season
As I of the Sea

Learn through the smoking Pipe of Peace
Arrow of Logic thoughts to release

The riddles to overcome at last
Polarities in balance with the past

Excalibur ‘tis Symbol of my Strength
My Passion
my Desire
my Courage at length

Yet to be consumed
if I cannot withstand
The Fire of mine own demands

No longer a wash of emotional needs
For my Grail has shown unto me

How to calm Waters
of Flood and Drought
to toss aside all self doubt

Walking the Precipice of Time
Living the Laws of the Wyrd
I climb

Within the Three of Nine
My Soul shall consciously align

With the Universal Web of Light
Seeing beyond that of which fits tight

As ‘twas meant to be
For I am a spirit of light and energy

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