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In the darkest of times I become convinced
Mine inner depths need replenished

From the fathoms of oceanic consciousness
With self healing and nurturance

Thy intuition avoids the controls
Shape shifting internally to transpose

Though eternal hope ebbs and flows
Throughout this transformation

Self seeks repose

The emotions that ride
Vaunt with pride

Nonchalant they lack luster
At the epicenter

Measured as radial sphere

For across the waters of the soul’s cauldron
Through the depths of equilibrium

Daily is the desire for sacred union
Thy inner self finds this grail seldom

During the mist of dreams that are moonlit
Self seeks to be fluent while in transit

Thy energy...Thy conduit

From mine spirit escapes a groan
Aye, will these feelings ever be mine own?

Or will I become the Crone
Awaiting rebirth
Ever seeking mine own home?

For these are the reflecting tears.

These Tears Penetrate Deep
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