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Ready to Start

Ready to Start
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Of the wolf I am now free
But my heart longs to be
In love with one that will care
For my prodigy and be aware

Of magick and spirituality
one of intelligence and sensuality.

Could you be he?
Would you want to see
If we could grow as two
Within the light of blue?

You once proclaimed
That your love for me remained
Locked in fear
That I was not clear
Of one that held my heart.

I am now ready to start
And plant love’s seed
With you, if you believe
In unconditional love
Below and above.

Author's Note: This was written while I was in Indiana on June 15th, 2004. I realized I needed to move on or be caught, for all others had forsaken me. At the end of an abusive relationship, that I ended up having to come back to the city of ice to endure once more, I was hoping to reach one who knew of my plight and might be able to help us stay free. I don't know that he ever received this pen. There it is, there you have it, and so it goes...

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