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Voices Murmured Like Broken Threads....

The broken threads of broken dreams
and deserted hopes.
Long nights, with little sleep
and a lot of pain.
Hoping to hear the plunk-plop
of the rain...
Against the window pane
and like the rain

My bones ache
as the tears run from my eyes
down my cheeks
until they dry
and flake off my lashes
like yesterdays skin.

And the beat goes on
like voices murmuring
and broken threads...

And broken threads
like our broken dreams
fringes over the edge of the abyss.

As we find we miss
the true meaning of 'being'
on this planet of yesterdays
and tomorrows
with endless sorrows.

And the beat goes on
like voices murmuring
and broken threads

Leaving us nothing left
to say
or do
But to break more threads
and bury our broken dreams
in barren lands
with terrified screams

and the beat goes on...

But as one questions
where we will finally rest?
We seek instead to move on.

In the murmured voices
of broken threads

And the beat goes on....

Part 2

Broken threads
Like my broken dreams are sometimes
Better, than the nightmares, that
I murdered with purple screams,
In my head.

And the beat goes on…

They deny me, my right, to freedom
But I was born free, with my first breath
And I will die, with my last, free breath

And the beat goes on…

With murmuring voices
And broken threads
As I am a spirit of light and energy
Light flows into me
Light flows through me
Light flows from me…
For I am a free spirit of Light & Energy

And the beat goes on…

Broken threads
Like broken dreams
That fly past me
In bright red creams

They are always mean
These people in my dreams
The center stage is bouncing along
Singing to the their smoky song

And the beat goes on ….

Songs to: DISTORT ME

And the beat goes on…

And the beat goes on…

And the beat goes on…

Murmuring are the voices
from the past
With broken threads
And broken dreams
And the beat goes on
of broken threads
and the murmuring voices
of broken dreams

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