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Statue In Your Garden

Statue in Your Garden
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I will always miss your hot, lingering, touch to know,
And the way you kissed me with your heart, love and soul.

The way you filled me complete like none other
opening my lotus, eight petal flower.

I cried,
    And sobbed,
         As I then wailed.
Your name
    In love
         To no avail.

My last visit with you was short and sweet
Kissing and holding hands; our souls did meet

On a dimensional plane that is yours and mine alone
Then you left me waiting, as I slowly turned to stone

Becoming a statue in your garden
Lifeless, caught in webs of animation

Waiting for the warmth you would not, or could not give freely
As everyone and everything else were always your first priority.  
Left me, as I waited in vain
To hear your voice sound my name

Keeping me safe and warm as your lady,
to be left in the cold space of the empty

Time, as over and over again you failed to show
Or even call, disrupting our chemistry to flow

Of candid, intellectual romance sweet love songs
Died in my heart, my soul, and my spirit that longs

For a dream that will never come true but only dreamed
Requesting answers to one question; what did it all mean?

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