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The Turtle Speaks

The Turtle Speaks
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Another path has reached its end;
and so forth to the next it sends ~
another chapter complete and burned ...
another page filled then turned.

What will be the next
play to unfold?
Who will ye become?
And in what role?

Tiger tight?
Lizard thin?

Until this walk returns;
and turns ye in ~

Seeking divinity ~

An ever evolving soul;
what be the benefits of thy seeds ye sow
which direction pulled ~ into it ye go ...

On to repeat; lessons learned
on and on ... as it churns.

For and always from
choose thy freedom.

Until self sees only the light
aware of darkness in thy flight ...
overcome the obstacles danced thy way.
What ‘tis this I hear? What ‘tis this ye say?

What shall it be?
Will thy spirit be free?

Or remain
to the same ...

kind of life
where only strife
as beggar and wife
using wit; sarcasm a knife~

To wound those who hurt & keep ye here
for their selfish; unrealistic fear.
No forward motion.
No deep emotion.
They try to break thy spirit to fight.
Gross inequities; powerful might.
No inner sight
~ nor sacred light

of our Lady ~ our Lord so fair;
but cruel and always very aware,
they lock thy cage ...
on this bright stage.

As the seven oceans pummel
the shores of the seas ~
Hear it whispering?
Oh, but could we?

Sing the verse of the ocean blue ...
so we go between and then through.

Remove thy fear ~
Cry thy tear ...

Trust and love
thy enemy?
Nay, say I.
Alliances in energy.

Peaceful thee may be;
not passive for ye see ~
Ye art the nurturer; not servant.
Be confident; not arrogant.

Use thy combined and vital sight.
Priestess of thy soul; choose the right.
Compassion ye shall show.
For ye must answer ‘no'
to the lying and deceit ...
as each circle ye complete.

Logical equations ...
of a human nation ~

With variables and
measured rations.
Pangea the first and
last formation.

So doth the turtle say
as we make our way,
“Thy consequences far out-weigh
thy true rewards when ye stay.”

So doth the turtle say ...


Author's Note: No this pen is not perfect in rhyme, but the rhythm is there for those who care to read and enjoy it. This is a vision/dream I have had many times which is why it is so long. The dream has started to change.

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