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Flowers Gone
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Beyond the stars of the range
A splash of hell, a current of strange
Bitter water drips
distantly in the darkness
like the bittersweet memories
of yesteryear in times
of era's passed.
That one can re-live
and does!
Over again,
In the sad, sardonic halls of memory
of all
that we have been
and all that we could be
all that we will never see

Caught betwixt and between
the Now
the Past
the Future
Forever more... it seems.

But when those seams
split apart
and the dimensions of man
changes direction

The Fire
The Light
The Earth
The Water

Reform without us
and our perception
screeches past the world
into our impotent imagination
with tilted and tainted vision.

Our paradigms hinder
our aspirations;
to become one!
Yes, just ONE ENTITY!
Of this sacred light and energy.

Without labels
or compartments
or departments
of capitalist greed.

behind closed eyes;
shuddering sighs
as we continue to cling
to the superficial
the material
the obsession with power

to Plunder
to Rape

Our One Spirit!

Where have all the flowers gone?

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